Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Clean Mouth is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

World had a great article discussing easy ways to teach your kids about oral hygiene. We want to highlight a few of their ideas this week.

They first suggest to make it visual. Teaching a child about the consequences of poor dental health is one thing, but showing them is quite another. This can be done by printing of some pictures at home of individuals who have not taken care of their teeth. This visual brings the consequences of not brushing into reality for a child, and is a motivating factor with very little words.

The second suggestion offered is to create a practice dummy. Provide a puppet with a large mouth, or use cardboard and create giant teeth in order for your child to practice brushing, flossing and cleaning the tongue. If they have can fun cleaning their dummy's teeth, it will make brushing their own more enjoyable and engaging.

The final suggestion we want to highlight is to make a connection. Good dental habits may seem pointless to a child, but by helping them connect the habits to other things it will make more senses. Help them understand that good dental hygiene habits avoid bad breath, prevent cavities, help them keep their teeth, etc. If a child has a purpose of why they clean their teeth, it may help them work that much harder.

We also want your child to feel comfortable at the Dentist office. This is not a place to fear. Bring them into our practice, we would love to give them a tour, discuss what happens in each area of our office, and of course, show of the surprise box! That is always their favorite spot.

Creating positive, lasting relationships now will allow them to create habits for their future that will greatly impact how they care for their own teeth, and for their future children's mouths. 

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