Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Working Together for Life-long Dental Health

“Be true to your teeth or they will be 
false to you!”
(one of Dr Clark’s many  “wise old sayings”)

NO!  We don’t have to lose teeth as we advance in maturity!  During the coming weeks I will provide a series of postings to help us keep our teeth and gums healthy, attractive, functional and comfortable. A healthy mouth can help us have a long and healthy life.

High Risk Problem: Dry mouth. 
Many more mature people have this challenge. But anyone with dry mouth can benefit from this discussion.
Dry mouth can cause a dramatic increase in both tooth decay and gum disease. This is because the acid produced by plaque does not get diluted or neutralized by saliva flowing over your teeth and gums.  

Causes: Dry mouth can be caused by a number of different factors. Medications, mouth breathing/snoring, CPAP devices, alcohol containing mouth washes, alcohol consumption, smoking, and high speed travel with your mouth open (ha,ha).  

What YOU can do:
1. Dry mouth products: I personally use over-the-counter Biotene products. I recommend their PBF Tooth paste and mouth wash, moisturizing spray, and moisturizing gel to apply to teeth and gums as needed and before sleeping. We sometimes have samples of these products.
2. Be sure to keep your teeth extra clean, especially along the gums and between the teeth. The most important time to clean your teeth is just before bed.  Most people have less saliva while sleeping so remaining bacteria and food debris do more damage at night.  
3. Choose xylitol containing: fluoride toothpaste, candy, and sugar replacements.
4. Use only alcohol free mouth washes. Smart mouth 12 hour breath rinse fights tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

How WE can help:
1. NEW!  We are now offering a series of low cost chemical treatments to arrest cavities that have started and kill off the bacteria which cause cavities.  This can decrease sensitivity and buy you some time to complete your needed dental treatments.
2. Smart mouth 12 hour mouth rinse – we offer larger bottles than are available in retail stores at a lower cost per ounce.
3. In office and at home fluoride varnish treatments.  We now use a fluoride varnish which lasts longer by sticking to your teeth in the areas where you most need it.
4. Regular professional cleanings and checkups to detect problems early.

We look forward to helping you overcome some simple
 challenges now, so that your future is bright and your teeth
 are strong!

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