Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Routine Dental Visit Saves Daughter's Life

A remarkable story reported by FoxNews shares the incredible survival of a young 11-year-old girl.

An alert hygienist noticed that the girls' eyes were yellow. She pointed this out to the dentist, who in turn told the mother to get her to a doctor.

This small discovery led to the girl's fight for her life. A tumor was discovered, and thankfully after heroic measures, the young girl was able to return to full health.

You may feel a little bothered by our routine health questions, reminder phone calls, and emails but if you look at the "big picture" we care about you and want to help you remain healthy and happy.

Scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams is one way to thank your body for working so hard for you. Be proactive in your health habits. Do your part of eating well and exercising and staying current on routine medical and dental visits. All of these choices add up to a stronger body that can fight the good fight.

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