Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year, New You!

You've heard it said before, if you make a goal but don't write it down, you are less likely to accomplish said goal.

What are your goals for your dental health this upcoming year? Haven't thought of setting of dental goals? Don't worry, you are not alone.

We get so busy with "life" that we forget to focus on things that make it possible for us to enjoy our lives. Good dental hygiene is one of those often overlooked items.

We would like to challenge you to pick at least one of the following tips to focus upon this year. As you dedicate time to your oral health care, your body will receive the benefits. Everything is connected!

Suggested Dental Goals:

1) Brush at least twice daily, and floss once.
2) Stay up on your semi-annual cleanings.
3) Make cosmetic changes that are needed.
4) Smile consciously every day.
5) Stop drinking soda.
6) Stop smoking.

There you have it - a simple yet powerful list. If you make changes with any of these suggested goals, your body and mouth will thank you. You could possibly even save your life or add years to it if #6 is your goal!

We believe in you! We are here to help you make your goals become reality!

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