Thursday, September 8, 2016

Routines Rule!

It's back to school time and the calm mornings of summertime have given way to the chaotic circus which dominates morning routines during the school year. 

Finding the best way to help your family stay calm amidst the chaos can seem undaunting but it is possible. With technology today, ideas are at your fingertips within the world wide web.

In a quick search this morning we found two job charts that could be easily implemented into a family's morning routine that would lessen anxiety, promote organization and accomplishment for all involved. Creating a small incentive such as a prize drawing, extra minutes at the park, or bike riding are great ways to encourage children to do well on their job charts.

Regardless of what works for you in a morning routine, may we emphasize that leaving for school or work with a freshly brushed mouth is a critical component of good oral hygiene.

Removing the plaque that builds up as you sleep each morning gives your teeth another line of defense against the bacteria that will be introduced or incubated in your mouth during the day. Everything you can do to keep your mouth clean will result in fewer cavities, diminished bad breath, and healthier gums.

You want your smile to work for you - make sure you work hard for it by keeping it clean and healthy every day!

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