Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do I Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

My child doesn't play hockey or football, is a mouthguard really necessary? 

We hear this question often, and the answer is a resounding yes. There are many sports activities that place our teeth in danger, and wearing a mouthguard is by far one of the best ways to prevent serious injury.

Although mouth injuries can still occur with a mouthguard, the severity is always lessened. A good rule of thumb is to wear a mouthguard in an activity when you can accidentally fall or run into a wall or another person with force.

No doubt you've seen the ready-made mouthguards in the toothpaste aisle at your grocery store. While this type of mouthguard can offer some support, it is not an exact fit, and so protection is not at its fullest.

Dr. Clark and his team can make you a custom made mouthguard that will give you the best fit and most comfortable protection. Having mouthguards sit firmly in your mouth, surrounding all teeth is the key to protect against sudden impact.

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