Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Do You Have a Budding Dentist in Your Family?

We thought this picture posted by MySocialPractice was pretty funny. Someone has been teaching that child about dental health care! 

In honor of National Children's Dental Health Month we would like to spotlight a post made by DentalPlans earlier this month, that shares 5 tips to help your children on their way to healthy mouths and happy lives.

Tip 1
Establish a Daily Oral Hygiene Routine: Prevent decay early on by creating and maintaining a daily oral hygiene routine. Your children will learn that before they leave for school, or go to bed, their teeth need to be brushed. Simple steps can make these routines last a lifetime.

Tip 2
Limit Sugar: Oral bacteria feeds on sugar. This allows the bacteria to produce acids that destroy the enamel and cause cavities. Everything, including breast milk and formula has sugar in it. Make sure you are cleaning baby's gums early on with a soft warm cloth after feedings. With older children, watch the hidden contents of sugar in foods. Offering a cheese stick or crunchy veggies will help neutralize some of the sugars until your child can brush his/her teeth.

Tip 3
Set a Good Example: Do your children see you brushing and flossing everyday? Show them how you consistently make time to care for your teeth and they will be twice as likely to follow your example.

Tip 4
Monitor Thumb Sucking: After age three, the constant pressure of a thumb in the mouth can affect the jaw development of your child. If you need suggestions of how to help your child stop sucking her thumb, please don't hesitate to call us.

Tip 5
See Dr. Clark Regularly: We make great efforts to provide pleasant, no fear, appointments for your children. Our team members are fantastic with children. Helping your child establish a good rapport with dental professionals early on will encourage them to maintain regular dental visits throughout their lives. Feel free to contact us prior to bringing your child in for an appointment so that we can discuss your child's personal needs before they arrive.

We want you to be healthy and confident!

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  3. That is too funny! My kids like to argue with me about brushing their teeth. These were some great tips, and I will be sure to apply them to my life. For example, I think I need to do better at showing my kids how often I brush and floss. They never see me, so they are not convinced that I actually do.

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