Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Today's blog post is short and "sweet" - the question is how sweet? 

Look around you right now. Do you have one of these seemingly innocent beverages sitting at your desk? What about your child's lunch?  Did you send them with one of these deceptive drinks?

They say seeing is believing, and we thought this photo was a perfect visual for the epidemic levels of sugar consumption through liquid beverages. It is easy to tell yourself that quenching your thirst is important in keeping you hydrated, but please pay attention to what your beverage of choice contains.

As always, nothing can beat the benefits from a nice cold glass of good ole' H20. Making small changes like swapping one of these beverages for water can make a big difference in not only your oral health care, but your over health as well.

Keep making those good choices!  

Speaking of good choices, have you made an appointment for your six-month checkup yet?  If not, please call us before the year end approaches. You want to use all of your HSA/FSA dollars before they run out.

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