Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pique Your Child's Interest Level With Fun Tooth Facts!

The big school buses are rolling and school is in full swing again. Your child undoubtedly is learning new things every day. You play a key role in helping to educate them about their oral health care and the importance it plays in their future.

Keeping your child interested in oral hygiene care is critical for their future smile.  Children are naturally inquisitive, and learning fun facts about their teeth can be just what it takes to engage them in good habits.

We've complied a few websites that have some fun information, activities, and ideas to help you in this effort.  



Fun Tip:

Remember to keep toothbrushing time fun.  Kids love racing a timer, brushing to music, trying a new toothpaste, etc.  Taking them to the store to choose a new toothbrush can be a fun adventure for them. They love to make decisions, and if you help guide them now in making good choices with their oral healthcare, their good habits will last a lifetime.

Don't forget the printable toothbrushing chart at the top right of our blog page.  Your child can track their progress and bring it in for an extra prize out of our prize box to reward their hard work!

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