Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soda Not As Bad As Meth? Think Again!

US News and CBS News ran recent articles regarding the effects of soda and Meth on teeth. Would you believe that soda can have as damaging effects as Meth use does on your teeth?  The results of both are alarming.

A common ingredient found in sodas, sports drinks, some candy, and illegal drugs such as Meth or Crack Cocaine is acid.  The exposure to consistent acid breaks tooth enamel down very rapidly.  Not only do we see worn or discolored enamel as a common factor among soda drinkers, or drug users, we also see horrible pitting and eventual rotting of teeth if oral hygiene is neglected.

While illegal drugs will have a greater impact on teeth than soda overtime, the fact that damage is similar is enough of reason to discontinue soda consumption as much as possible.  We aren't saying you can't have a favorite soda on occasion, but we certainly recommend you brush your teeth after drinking soda or exposing your teeth to any acidic substance.  This will not only prevent the acid from sticking to the surface of your teeth, but it will limit the amount of sugar in your mouth which inhibits plaque growth.

Think twice the next time you reach for a soda.  Changing out even one soda a day for water can make a difference in your teeth.

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