Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March - National Nutrition Month

How are your New Year's resolutions coming?  Many times we start off a new year with great intentions, but we quickly find that without hard work to back up those intentions, we loose ground quickly.

March is National Nutrition month and we would like to share a few ideas that Well-Being Wire posted in regards to making healthier choices.

Put the healthy foods in your fridge in an easy-to-reach spot. Easy to reach means easy to eat! If there are times when you go to the fridge for a snack, why not plan for them and put the most nutritious items out front while placing some of the others in the bottom drawer?

Add two healthy snacks to your shopping list. Planning really can set you free! So when snack time rolls around, you’ll be prepared. And at the store, it just may be easier to pass by the ice cream when you’ve got fresh berries on your list.

Plan a healthy meal with friends or as a family. Eating has always been a social activity. Suggest putting together a refreshing and healthy meal with some folks you care about, and if it’s a success, consider making it a recurring event.

Pick one whole grain food to eat at a meal or as a snack today. It could be a some whole wheat toast, oatmeal with fresh fruit, or maybe even some popcorn. Hearty whole grains come from a variety of sources and can be prepared in many different, and enjoyable, ways.

Gauge your hunger before biting into your next snack to see if you’re really hungry. Sometimes we eat because we’re bored, angry, or for a number of other reasons besides actually being hungry. If that’s the case, try reaching for a glass of water instead, or find something else to occupy your attention.

Put your fork down between bites at one meal today. When we eat slowly, we give our stomachs more time to realize that they are full, a feeling that can come several minutes after that last bite. So why not savor the meal and slow things down a little bit?

Treat yourself to a small bit of a food that you love today. Last but not least, let’s remember that people don’t eat nutrients, we eat foods, and we should enjoy them. So let’s be honest about the foods we love, choose a reasonable serving size, and enjoy!

These ideas are simple and easy to integrate into your daily routine.  Challenge yourself to do better and make it a family goal.  Small changes bring big dividends in the end.

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