Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oral Healthcare Matters More Than You Think

Most of our patients are surprised when we teach them how poor oral hygiene can effect their entire body.

Have you considered that those bleeding gums mean you are 2xs likely to develop heart disease?  Did you know halitosis or bad breath has the same bacterial compounds found in rotten eggs?

Our bodies are amazing creations and if cared for properly, will give us many good years ahead. However these miraculous creations also come with an internal warning system and if the warning signs go unheeded we will be headed into a lot of trouble.

We encourage you to make the goal of staying consistent in your efforts with your oral healthcare. Many would never dream of dropping off a brand new car at the junk yard in hopes to exchange it for broken parts.  Don't treat your healthy mouth like that either. 

Take the time to brush, floss and get regular check ups for you and your loved ones this year.  Your overall health will thank you!

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  1. There are lots of Blogs and Articles on dental health care, but when I read this one, really inspired by your writing skills and thoughts. I found this blog very informative and Interesting. Keep it up and thanks for sharing