Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ouch! That Really Hurts!

You recognize the familiar pain, but what is causing it? Did you know that hot, acidic, cold or even sticky foods can stimulate nerves within and around the teeth and gums that can cause sensitivity reactions?

There also can be underlying issues such as a chipped tooth, worn down tooth enamel, old fillings have worked loose or you have receding gums. All of these conditions can result in unpleasant pain. The good news is that all of these conditions are repairable, especially if caught and treated early.

We find that patients often put off treatment due to the lack of dental insurance or the fear of a lengthy treatment schedule.  We have some great financing options available in our office, as well as OHP (Oregon Health Plan) options.  The desire to put off treating sensitive teeth can result in catastrophic consequences that would have been easily prevented had you come earlier for treatment.  Dr. Clark is more than happy to visit with you to discuss your options, he provides this consult at no charge to you.

In our office we carry some excellent products that can help with tooth sensitivity   We have a special toothpaste called Clinpro 5000 that has been a very effective and economical solution for many of our patients; it comes in Vanilla Mint, Bubble Gum and Spearmint flavors.  We also offer a multi-stage fluoride varnish treatment that can halt bacteria in it's tracks.

From now, until the end of the year we are offering a FREE fluoride treatment just for beginning your treatment with us.  That is a $47 value, yours for free. 

Enjoy the holidays without experiencing the constant nagging pain of sensitive teeth.  Speaking of the holidays, we are also offering our Home Whitening Kit at 50% off for our valued customers, so take advantage of these great savings and make your holidays brighter than ever!

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