Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are You Masking Over The Problem?

In the majority of cases the single most common cause of halitosis, or chronic bad breath is oral bacteria.  The best breeding ground for oral bacteria is plaque in your mouth on your teeth and tongue.

It is impossible to get a 100% clean mouth each day. Circumstances are not always ideal to brush your teeth the recommended three times daily.  Or if you are brushing, you may not be brushing appropriately with the right tools and for the proper duration of time.  Many people forget to floss daily as well.  These simple oversights can lead to the perfect environment for oral bacteria to grow.

Let's talk about bad breath for a minute.  Did you know that bad breath is caused by volatile sulfur compounds? And it's their odors that cause bad breath. What are those you ask? Sulfur byproducts are actually excretions made from the bacteria that live in your mouth! I think I just heard a collective "yuck". It is gross, that is why we are always reminding our patients to stay up on their oral hygiene routines.  Everyone is susceptible to these compounds simply because we are alive, and we eat food.  It all comes down to the concentration level of these compounds that makes the difference.  When the concentration is high, the odor is worse.  These compounds are anaerobic which means they multiple the best in environments that are devoid of oxygen.

Keeping your plaque down is huge because plaque is oxygen depleted.  So, now that you are a little more determined to floss daily and brush three times a day, what else can you do to avoid bad breath?  We have an amazing mouthwash product called Smart Rinse.  We've talked about it briefly before.  

SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash gives you fresh breath for 12 hours.  Most leading mouthwashes simply kill bacteria, freshening the breath for an hour at most.  SmartMouth eliminates and prevents the production of sulfur gases in the mouth- the real source of bad breath, for 12 times the protection.

If you worry about bad breath, let us help!  Call us for a free consultation to make sure your bad breath is not coming from advanced gum disease.  You can pick up your SmartMouth Rinse at the same time!  You cannot go wrong with this one!  If we didn't believe that, we wouldn't offer it in our office.

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