Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are You Just Another Statistic?

Tuesday we discussed that many more people may be at risk for gum disease than they realize.  When you think of gum disease, what image comes to your mind?  Is it a mouth with a few missing teeth?  Is it a memory of someone who has really bad breath?  The truth is, gum disease can and is affecting many more people, possibly even you, that don't even know they are in the early stages.

We feel the worst statistic in this info-graphic is that only 3% of those suffering from periodontal disease seek treatment.  Granted as early as 10 years ago the treatment for gum disease was often painful and didn't yield the success rates of today's treatments.  However today, with Dr. Clark's leading edge technology and expertise he has seen hundreds of people receive amazing results from his LANAP or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.  He is so sure about the results of his gentle laser gum therapy that he guarantees results.  You can't beat that!

A healthy future and a happy mouth is just one phone call away.  Dr. Clark wants you to feel comfortable with him, and the technology he has to offer and so he provides you with a free consultation where you can receive information about your personal  needs and what he can do to help.  No pressure, no stress, NO WORRY!

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