Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Are You Being Robbed?

Are you being robbed right now out of a future of a healthy mouth, simply because the "enemy" often has no symptoms?

Gum Disease is a contagious bacterial infection that can lurk around in your mouth regrettably far too long for some of our patients.  The longer you ignore the warning signs, or are unaware what the warning signs are, you give gum disease the opportunity to create horrible damage in your mouth.

What is gum disease?  

Gum disease is a progressive and aggressive infection of the gums that can, if left untreated, progress to damage the jaw bone that surrounds and supports the teeth in your mouth.  It can be caused by plaque, a sticky, colorless bacterial colony, that is constantly forming on teeth.  If daily brushing and flossing are not accurately cleaning all tooth surfaces and under the edge of the gum, plaque can build up and the bacteria infects your gums and teeth.  As this bacteria spreads and deepens, it affects the tissue and bone that support your teeth.  This damage can cause loose teeth which will worsen possibly causing painful swollen gums and tooth loss.  Very bad breath is another problem caused by these aggressive infections.  Bad breath may help you decide whether you have gum disease. 

Stages of Gum Disease - (click here for larger viewing)

The technology we have today in our dental office can literally reverse the damage you may have from gum disease. Early intervention can save you from ending up with few or even no teeth in the future.  You deserve a healthy mouth and we can help you achieve your goals! 

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