Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leading Edge Technology-Amazing Results!

I hope you have enjoyed the posts highlighting my wonderful coworkers.  They make my job more enjoyable and they really take good care of you, our patients.

As your Dentist, my duty is to be sure you get the best dental care available, to meet your needs and fulfill your wishes. Over the years, I have always looked for new knowledge and technology to accomplish that goal for each of you.

Several services come to mind as I think of innovative changes we have made. (You may find more detail on each of these services in our Website  During the coming months I will share what I believe makes our office stand out among others.

Perhaps the most leading edge service we offer is the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). Beginning 10 years ago, it is still a leading edge service, offered by only a few dentists in the midvalley. I was the first Dentist in Oregon to offer this FDA approved patented service beginning in 2002.

Bleeding, swollen painful gums, loose teeth and uncomfortable biting is where most LANAP patients began.  After the gentle LANAP treatment, our happy patients relate almost no pain after the surgery. (The archaic “cut and sew technique” is often very painful afterwards) Those bothered before by bleeding gums, say they no longer bleed.  Loose teeth become firm!  Bad breath is gone! Their bite is more comfortable!  Often, LANAP patients tell us they feel better all over. This is what they see and feel.

What they don’t see or feel is: The deep pockets around their teeth are healing!  The bone destroyed by raging gum disease is growing back! The elimination of the infection is reducing inflammation which can contribute to diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases.  

Even after 10 years and over 200 patients, I still am thrilled, every time, by the dramatic improvement we document when we remeasure the gum pockets and count the bleeding points. The results are so consistent, we guarantee improvement or we retreat unresponsive areas free of charge.

If you know someone who has bad breath, they probably have gum disease.  Please extend to them my invitation to come for a free consultation.

All next month we will be sharing more about this incredible procedure so that you can become more educated with this technology.  We will also be running a great promotion for 10% off all LANAP procedures scheduled in the month of March.  That is GREAT SAVINGS for you!

Contact us today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!  Fee free to share this blog or any of our Facebook posts regarding this amazing technology with friends and family members.  There is no need to suffer with pain and fear of losing your teeth.  Start today and reap the benefits of a healthy strong mouth again. 

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