Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leading Edge Technology-Amazing Results!

I hope you have enjoyed the posts highlighting my wonderful coworkers.  They make my job more enjoyable and they really take good care of you, our patients.

As your Dentist, my duty is to be sure you get the best dental care available, to meet your needs and fulfill your wishes. Over the years, I have always looked for new knowledge and technology to accomplish that goal for each of you.

Several services come to mind as I think of innovative changes we have made. (You may find more detail on each of these services in our Website  During the coming months I will share what I believe makes our office stand out among others.

Perhaps the most leading edge service we offer is the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). Beginning 10 years ago, it is still a leading edge service, offered by only a few dentists in the midvalley. I was the first Dentist in Oregon to offer this FDA approved patented service beginning in 2002.

Bleeding, swollen painful gums, loose teeth and uncomfortable biting is where most LANAP patients began.  After the gentle LANAP treatment, our happy patients relate almost no pain after the surgery. (The archaic “cut and sew technique” is often very painful afterwards) Those bothered before by bleeding gums, say they no longer bleed.  Loose teeth become firm!  Bad breath is gone! Their bite is more comfortable!  Often, LANAP patients tell us they feel better all over. This is what they see and feel.

What they don’t see or feel is: The deep pockets around their teeth are healing!  The bone destroyed by raging gum disease is growing back! The elimination of the infection is reducing inflammation which can contribute to diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases.  

Even after 10 years and over 200 patients, I still am thrilled, every time, by the dramatic improvement we document when we remeasure the gum pockets and count the bleeding points. The results are so consistent, we guarantee improvement or we retreat unresponsive areas free of charge.

If you know someone who has bad breath, they probably have gum disease.  Please extend to them my invitation to come for a free consultation.

All next month we will be sharing more about this incredible procedure so that you can become more educated with this technology.  We will also be running a great promotion for 10% off all LANAP procedures scheduled in the month of March.  That is GREAT SAVINGS for you!

Contact us today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!  Fee free to share this blog or any of our Facebook posts regarding this amazing technology with friends and family members.  There is no need to suffer with pain and fear of losing your teeth.  Start today and reap the benefits of a healthy strong mouth again. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You're In Good Hands With Dessa!

In our dental office Dr. Clark and Dessa, our Hygienist, work together to meet the oral needs of our patients. We've talked about the importance of team work for successful outcomes in our previous posts.  You are also a very important team member in this whole process. As we all work together we are confident you will be pleased with your results.

Dessa was born in Oregon, but raised in Alaska! She came back to Oregon as soon as she could. In 2002 she graduated from OIT in Klamath Falls with a Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene. She has been part of our team for six years and we love working with her!  She loves the Oregon outdoors. Hiking, camping and berry picking with her husband and daughter top the list of her favorite things to do.

Dessa's duties as a Dental Hygienist include but are not limited to:  
  1. Listens to any concerns you have about your current oral health needs.
  2. Evaluates your gums by assessing oral health conditions, reviews your medical history, head and neck inspection, dental charting.
  3. Takes x-rays for Dr. Clark's exact diagnosis.  Click here for more information about our digital x-ray procedures.
  4. Removes calculus and plaque (hard and soft deposits) from all surface areas of your teeth.
  5. Applies preventative materials to your teeth such as fluoride.
  6. Teaches appropriate oral hygiene strategies that will bring you the best outcome for your personal needs.
  7. Counsels patients about good nutrition and other techniques that can be done at home to achieve the desired results you are looking for.
There are many things that can go wrong with your gums and Dessa will be able to determine which cleaning methods will be the most effective for you. She can also help you learn how to keep your teeth clean at home.  There are more than brushing and flossing tools and techniques that you can use to keep your teeth clean. Dessa will be able to show you the tools that will work the best for you.  

There are a few things Dessa can do to make your visit more comfortable.  If you would prefer her to use a numbing jelly on your gums prior to your cleaning, simply ask her and she will be happy to provide that for you.  You can also ask for a blanket or a neck pillow to help you feel more comfortable.  She will make every effort to make your visit with us good one!

Scheduling regular cleanings and dental exams can save you a lot of time, pain and money.  With the technology available today it is much easier to diagnose problems in their early stages, which in turn saves you a lot.  Our goal is to help you stay healthy and happy!

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We look forward to helping you!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alice & Nancy - A Dynamic Duo!

Last week we introduced you more in-depth to our office support staff.  This week we are turning the spotlight onto Alice and Nancy, our Dental Assistants.

Here is a little bit about Alice, our Head Assistant:

I started working for Dr. Clark when I was 19, as a Dental Assistant right out of College.  I have worked for Dr. Clark for 24 years now and I am now the Head Assistant and Clinic Coordinator.  I grew up in the Lebanon area went to Lebanon High, before going to LBCC for my Dental Assisting Certificate.   I have been happily married for 18 years, I have two wonderful children and as many animals as my husband will allow.

And now a little about Nancy:

I have lived in the Lebanon area for a long time and graduated from Lebanon High School in 1985.  I have worked for Dr. Clark off and on since 1989 after I graduated from LBCC with my Dental Assisting Certificate. I am married (19 1/2 yrs.) and have three children.  I enjoy spending time with my children, reading and sewing.

As we asked Alice about some advice they could share on the blog they offered some great tips to help prepare your child for their dental visits.  If you saw our Tuesday's Tip yesterday they shared with us your child's preparation happens even before they come in for their appointment. 

Here are 6 simple tips to make things go smoothly for you and your child:

1)    Please always say inspiring and comforting things to your child about an up and coming dental visit. A dental visit should be a good experience.
2)    Please do not tell them we are going to hurt them if they are being difficult at home.
3)    Please say things like when they do the filling there is going to be alot of water in your mouth but the assistant will suction it out for you.
4)    Never tease them about a shot or even mention it.
5)    Please let the child know they can make a list of questions to ask us about when they get here if they would like to, we will explain things to them.
6)    What you say to your child can make a good visit or a bad one.  Stay positive and things will go well.

We hope that you find these tips helpful in making your child's visit a positive one.  We know that going to the Dentist can be scary but with the proper help, attitude and reinforcement for you they will do just fine.  And don't forget to remind them of the treasure chest at the end of their visit!  That's the BEST part of all!
We look forward to helping you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Can We Help You?

Like every good team out there, each player or team member contributes to the overall benefit and success of the team.  When one team member is missing the results are not as positive as they could be.  That is how we feel about each team member on our dental office staff.

This month as we discuss each team member and explain their integral part in making our Dental Office the success it is, we hope you get to know us better.  We are so lucky to have great team members.  Each person in our office has been with us for a long time. This speaks volumes to the type of people they are; dedicated, loyal and a joy to be around.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Linda our Office Manager and Brenda our Office Support team member.  If you've been to our office then you've had a chance to meet Linda and Brenda but if you haven't here is a little bit about each of them.

I am married and have three grown children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandson.  I try to spend as much time as possible with my grandchildren/great grandchild as time has a way of slipping by so quickly.

I have worked for Dr. Clark 21 years and with his great time.  I started just filing charts and doing whatever was needed at the front desk and have worked my way up to Office Manager.  I have been Office Manager since June of 2003.  

I have enjoyed working for Dr. Clark and with his great team.  I enjoy learning new technology as it has changed so much in the last 10 years or so. Dr. Clark keeps abreast of the newest available technology and as he learns new things so does the rest of the staff. 

It is a great place to work. The entire office staff is great to work with and we have become family.  I enjoy coming to work each day.

Linda oversees our insurance billing and processing as well many day to day operations that keeps everything flowing smoothly.  Our Dental Practice benefits greatly due to her many talents. 

Brenda has worked for Dr. Clark for four years.  She makes a big difference for each team member by pinch hitting in so many different areas in the office.  The office couldn't run as efficiently as it does without all of the many things Brenda does for each one of us.

Brenda shares: My job is housekeeping and helping in the clinic or front office when needed.  I enjoy helping whoever needs my help.  I have lived in the Lebanon area for many years.

I am married and have four children and two grandchildren.

When you are surrounded by great people it's easy to enjoy your job.  A familiar expression when it comes to your work environment is that it's your "home away from home" and that is very true.  We spend a lot of time together, care about each other and do all that we can to make sure your time spent with us is a positive experience. 

We look forward to sharing more with you this month about each of our great team members.  We hope that as we share these things with you it will increase your confidence in our abilities to help provide you the dental care you need, and at the same time help you to feel comfortable when you come and visit us!

We look forward to getting to know you and help you. Never hesitate to ask us any questions.  We are here to answer your questions and provide you whatever assistance might be required.

Come on in and get to know us better!  

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