Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What You Can Expect During Your First Visit

Over the past few posts we've been sharing important information to help you choose your dental care provider.  We've shared about Dr. Clark's extensive experience and background as well as introduced you to our team.  

Today we'd like to walk you through "What You Can Expect During Your First Visit" at our office.  Our office is easy to find.  Two blocks east of our office is the Super Wal-Mart.

We have parking in the front of the building and our office is located in the center right corner of the building.  Did you know we offer a mileage allowance for those of you who need to travel in from farther distances?  Ask our Office Manager Linda for details.

When you arrive at your scheduled appointment you will be greeted by Gayle, our receptionist extraordinaire!   (We shared a little bit about Gayle in our last blog post.)  You can read about her by clicking here.  She is wonderful to work with!  

You will be given some New Patient forms to fill out.  Click Here to print these forms out and bring to your appointment.  It will save a little extra time for you.  

Just as you want to get to know us better, we want to get to know you!  And that includes reviewing your complete medical history with you.  It is important we understand your health history so that we can make the best decisions while planning your treatment.

Once all of the forms are filled out and a quick picture is taken for your dental health record we will take you back for x-rays.  The wonderful part about the x-rays is that Dr. Clark uses 100% Digital x-rays in our dental practice.  Learn more about digital x-ray technology and benefits by clicking here. These provide Dr. Clark a more accurate diagnosis as well as the ability to share your x-rays with you via email or even hold a virtual consultation with a spouse or loved one to discuss your treatment plans.

After your x-rays you will be on your way to meet more of the staff during your initial exam. There is no need to be nervous because we are here to make your experience comfortable!  We have soft blankets and pillows available for you upon request as well.  We are all about comfort so don't be afraid to ask.

After Dr. Clark has had the opportunity to meet you, review your x-rays, medical records and finish the exam he will be able to provide you information to help you understand your condition and choose services that will fulfill your cosmetic and dental needs and wishes.   We have great financing options for any budget and Dr. Clark is willing to work with you at a pace that you are comfortable with.

So what are you waiting for? 
We can't wait to meet you!  

Give us a call now and schedule your New Patient Exam today.  If you are currently our patient and would like to share this information with your friends, family or co-workers we would be thrilled to meet with anyone you send our way.  And just as we have taken great care of you, we will take great care of them!

Call to schedule your appointment today!

(541) 451-1440

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