Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working Together for Life-long Health - Article 2

“They say old bankers never die. They just lose interest!”
(another one of Dr Clark’s many  “wise old sayings”)

Whatever you do during your advancing years, DON’T LOSE INTEREST IN YOUR TEETH!  We don’t have to lose teeth as we advance in maturity!  This is another post to help us all keep our teeth and gums healthy, attractive, functional and comfortable. A healthy mouth can help us have a long and healthy life.

Problem: Bad Breath 
Believe me when I say there are many people who have bad breath. Bad breath can be socially awkward, but is also a warning sign of more serious problems. 

Experts say that the strong odor of bad breath is hydrogen sulfide gas, the same gas used in chemical warfare during WWII.  I can be hazardous to your health to breath that 24/7. 

Of course, bad breath can be caused by the foods you eat.  Food left on your between teeth, on your gums and tongue for a long time can ferment giving off a foul odor.  Smoking and other forms of tobacco are also obvious causes.  

Tooth decay and gum disease can also lead to conditions where odors are a result. 

I have often been heard to say, “Bad breath is better than no breath at all!”

Let’s not give in to bad breath!

What YOU can do:
  1. Bad Breath:  I personally use over-the-counter Smart Mouth - 12 hour mouth rinse.  We have samples of this product in our office.
  2. Again...Be sure to keep your teeth extra clean, especially along the gum lines and between the teeth. Also brushing your tongue will help prevent bad breath.
  3. The most important time to clean your mouth is just before bed.
   How WE can help:
  1. Smart mouth 12 hour mouth rinse – we offer larger bottles than are available in retail stores at a lower cost per ounce.
  2. Regular In office professional cleanings and check-ups can detect and remove accumulations that release objectionable odors.
  3. Gum disease is one of the worst sources of halitosis!  We are on the leading edge of treatment and prevention of gum infections.
You do not need to be embarrassed or limited by bad breath!

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