Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dr. Clark Pleads for Your Teeth!

Are you tired of fighting tooth decay with unsuccessful results?  Would you like to keep your kids cavity free?  Dr. Clark now has a GREAT SOLUTION!

Medical (Chemical) Management of tooth decay.  For those of you who we find have active cavities, we recommend this new 5 visit in-office program.  I recently became aware of a low cost preventive procedure which can stop or slow the progression of tooth decay and buy you time until your finances can handle a more permanent solution. No drilling or shots are needed and the procedure can be done by any staff member in only minutes!

At each visit we apply a cavity killing liquid to the cavities and then coat all your teeth in a protective fluoride varnish shield.  The multi-flavored varnish sticks to your teeth much longer than the previous fluoride treatments we used to.  

I sincerely hope we can work together to keep your teeth as healthy as possible during these hard economic times.  

Doctor Clark

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