Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hold the Soda Please!

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Everyone loves a sweet refreshing drink from time to time, however, hidden in the decorative soda cans that so attractively line our grocery shelves is an enemy to our teeth!

You brush and floss regularly and feel like you've got an edge on the whole oral hygiene routine right?  But what about that regular soft drink that seems to find it's way in your hands? Is there cause for concern?  The answer is yes!

American's love to drink soda, and in fact, a recent study reported that Americans consume around 50 gallons of soft drinks a year!  

World reports:
"If you drink such sodas on a regular basis, your teeth are exposed to a great risk of damage. The carbonated soft drinks and sodas contain extremely large amounts of sugar. For instance, a 12oz can of soda can contain even up top 10 teaspoons of sugar.  Now, make your calculations and see how much bad sugar you eat every day, if you drink about 2 to 3 such sodas per day.
 Mountain Dew is a brand loved by kids and adults alike, but a 20 ounce bottle contain about 20 teaspoons of sugar, which is a huge amount of sugar for only a soft drink which is supposed to hydrate and give you some energy.
The other big danger of carbonated drinks is the acid. These drinks generally contain large amounts of harmful acids that eat away your tooth enamel. Then, your tooth structure becomes exposed, and dental decay is the next problem that appears. Tooth enamel erosion is extremely harmful, and you should stay away from these types of drinks no matter what.
For example, if you would like to drink something healthy, which has also got a special aroma, you should choose the flavored bottled water. This is healthy, and you can find all kinds of flavors available from lemon water or raspberry water and up to mango and banana flavor.
Do not bathe your teeth in acid if it is not necessary. Make healthy choices, and protect your teeth from enamel erosion and dental decay!"
Some of the statistics and numbers can be a little alarming, however knowledge is power. If you like to have a sweet drink from time to time, remember to brush your teeth regularly and choose a sugar free gum, preferably with xylitol, to help protect your teeth from these harmful sugars.

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