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WAIT! Don't Brush Your Teeth...Just Yet!

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This week we have been discussing several different tips or techniques related to tooth brushing. We hope that you have been learning a little bit more and that your oral health will continue to improve and yield great results for you!

We all know brushing our teeth is extremely important, but did you know that the "when" you brush your teeth is just as important?

The New York Times recently ran an article entitled, "Really? Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Meal".  Author Anahad O'Connor reports, "Research shows that brushing too soon after meals and drinks, especially those that are acidic, can do more harm than good.  Acid attacks the teeth, eroding enamel and the layer below it, called dentin.  Brushing can accelerate this process, said Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry.  "With Brushing, you could acutally push the acid deeper into the enamel and dentin," he said.

In one study, a group of volunteers were followed for three weeks are researchers examined the impact of brushing on their teeth after they drank soda.  The scientists found an increase in dentin loss when brushing in the 20 minutes after drinking soda. But there was considerably less wear when brushing took place 30 or 60 minutes afterwards. 

It is concluded that for protection of dentin surfaces," the authors wrote, "at least 30 minutes should elapse before tooth brushing after an erosive attack."  In the meantime, to get rid of acid, Dr. Gamble suggested rinsing the mouth out with water or using an acid-neutralizing mixture: one part baking soda, eight parts water."  

In conclusion we share this short and simple video from the ADA summarizing the benefits of proper tooth brushing and flossing. 

Great habits yield great results!  We hope you set a new goal to 
improve your overall dental health!

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