Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your Donations Bless our Community!

Together We Can Make a Difference!

Thank you to our patients 
for donating
your old Crowns and Bridges
 to Community Organizations!!

Over several years, many of our patients have generously opted to donate their old crowns to the Lebanon Soup Kitchen and Local Boy Scout Units.  

Recently, Dr Clark cashed in the Crowns and Bridges you have donated and was shocked and pleased to receive $3132 dollars as payment for precious metals contained therein!

The entire amount has been donated to the following:

Lebanon Soup Kitchen  $ 756
 Cub Scout Pack 340   $ 396
 Cub Scout Pack 375   $ 396
 Cub Scout Pack 385   $ 396
Boy Scout Troop 340   $ 396
Boy Scout Troop 375   $ 396
Boy Scout Troop 385   $ 396

We are sure your donations will be a blessing to the individuals served by these wonderful community organizations.

Thank you again! 
Dr Clark and his Staff

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