Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80% of Adults have Gum Disease! Are you one of them?

Recently on our Facebook page we posted a video of Whoopi Goldberg relating her nightmare experience with a serious gum infection that not only resulted in losing teeth, but also in losing bone.

Gum disease is killing us.  This deadly culprit has been linked to heart disease and stroke and also diseases like pneumonia and diabetes.  Research shows that if you have diabetes and gum disease your chance of dying increases upwards of 400 to 700%.  That's astonishing!

Where's the happy lining in all of this gloom and doom?  What many people don't know is that gum disease can be avoided altogether by making simple changes to your regular dental hygiene.  Many Americans have dental insurance, but don't take advantage of their benefits.  If you find yourself in that category, may we strongly urge you to make that leap and schedule an appointment with our office?  Sometimes fear of the unknown keeps us away from really taking care of ourselves.

Times have changed.  It used to be dentists would just clean and fix our teeth, but technology has advanced so greatly that it allows dental professionals the ability to make early detection of any possible disease that you may be susceptible to, and help you prevent it from progressing to dangerous levels.

We have had such great success with treating gum disease in our dental practice.  We have saved many teeth, and even lives due to the important technology that our dental practice has invested in and have been trained how to use it. 

Over the next several blog postings we will discuss different facets of gum disease and what you can do, no matter what stage you are in, to get the great smile you've always wanted!

Click here to here watch Whoppi Goldberg's story along with some other videos that will help you understand gum disease and what can be done to treat it.

We hope you join us on this educational journey and look forward to sharing some great insights with you over the next blog posts!

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  1. One of the more obvious symptoms of gum disease is the appearance of blood when you brush your teeth of floss them. Indeed, there are those who do not mind or care that they have this problem. In reality though, I think they will care if they develop loose teeth or one or more falls out. Being stuck with dentures or implants isn't normally a choice that a person would willingly make over having healthy teeth and gums. Click here to get further details about Periodontal disease